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13 April

Ted Lewis
(UK: @soho_press, 2016; USA: @soho_press, 2016)

British crime icon Ted Lewis’s GBH is an unnerving tale of paranoia and madness in the heart of London’s 1970s criminal underworld.

George Fowler heads a lucrative criminal syndicate that specialises in the production and distribution of ‘blue films’ – nasty illegal pornography. Fowler is king, with a beautiful girl at his side and a swanky penthouse office, but his entire world is in jeopardy. Someone is undermining his empire from within, and Fowler becomes increasingly ruthless in his pursuit of the unknown traitor. As his paranoia envelops him, Fowler loses trust in just about everyone, including his closest friends and associates, and begins to rely on the opinions of an increasingly smaller set of advisors.

Juxtaposed with the terror and violence of Fowler’s last days in London is the flash-forward narrative of his hideout bunker in a tiny English beach town, where Fowler skulks during the off-season amongst the locals, trying to put together the pieces of his fallen empire. Just as it seems possible for Fowler to reclaim his throne, another trigger threatens to cause his total, irreparable unravelling.

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Recommended by:
Nick Triplow, Author and Literary festival organiser | Author page: No Exit Press | Blog: Electric Lullaby | Literary festival: Hull Noir 2017

Nick says: ‘GBH stands up to any British crime novel ever written. It’s a brilliant book.’

Nick Triplow is the author of the south London crime novel Frank’s Wild Years (2012) and the social history books The Women They Left Behind (2009), Distant Water (2011) and Pattie Slappers (2013). His acclaimed short story, ‘Face Value’, was a winner in the 2015 Northern Crime competition and was published in the Northern Crime One anthology in the same year.

Originally from London, now living in Barton upon Humber, Nick studied English and Creative Writing at Middlesex University and, in 2007, earned a distinction at Sheffield Hallam University’s MA in Creative Writing. Since completing his biography of British noir pioneer – Getting Carter: Ted Lewis and the Birth of Brit Noir – Nick has been working on new fiction.

Getting Carter was launched as a centrepiece event at the Hull Noir crime fiction festival in November 2017. Nick is one of the founding organisers of the festival.