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How you can take part

The expansion of the Jolabokaflod concept has taken many forms – all of them interactive and devolved to everyone at a grassroots level – to promote the idea of buying, giving and reading books within families, friendship networks and local communities.

Here are some of the ways you can take part in the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign:

Every year, whatever the occasion
  • Buy and give Buy books to give to your nearest and dearest as presents to celebrate Christmas or another occasion
  • Read Encourage your loved ones to start reading your gift books during the festive holiday season
  • Email signature Copy and paste the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign name and slogan – see below – into your email signatures between now and the festive occasion or anniversary:
    • Jolabokaflod Book Campaign | Buy * Give * Read | Recommending reading
  • Promote online Mention Jolabokaflod in your emails and on social media:
    • Use the hashtag #Jolabokaflod whenever you chat about the campaign online
    • Name-drop Jolabokaflod liberally on social media, for example using the Twitter handle @Jolabokaflod and the hashtags #Jolabokaflod and #BookBulletin at Facebook, etc.
    • ‘Like’ the campaign wherever it exists online, and encourage your family, friends and followers to do the same
  • Personalise Download and print out this Jolabokaflod bookplate PDF to insert into the books you give as gifts at Christmas or to mark another anniversary or festive occasion.
Support and promote Jolabokaflod Book Campaign projects at CrowdPatch
  • Run If you have ideas for encouraging people to buy, give and read books, you can run your own crowdfunding projects at the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign patch for events or schemes to help reading groups, disadvantaged people and vulnerable folk in your local neighbourhood
  • Contribute Encourage your friends, associates and family to donate money to your crowdfunding project at the Jolabokaflod patch and consider supporting live in-house Jolabokaflod campaigns, such as the current Book Bulletin catalogue project
  • Volunteer Join a Jolabokaflod patch project as a volunteer and encourage others to do so
  • Share Champion Jolabokaflod in your place of work or study to encourage everyone to get involved. This is a campaign where everyone can join in.
  • Tell Get in touch with the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign to tell us your news, write for the various Jolabokaflod-branded websites, add comments on blogs, make contacts, and share stories on social media.

You can sign up to receive a regular monthly newsletter from the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign by adding your details to this registration page.

Hall of Fame

Supporters of Jolabokaflod Book Campaign crowdfunding projects have their names, companies and/or personal projects uploaded to our Hall of Fame section of ‘heroes and heroines’ who have added their names, purses and wallets to one of our causes. You, too, could be added to the ranks. What are you waiting for?


You can contact the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign with ideas, suggestions, proposals, comments and feedback by writing to Christopher Norris, Founder and Curator, Jolabokaflod Book Campaign at