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The Jolabokaflod family


Christopher Norris

Christopher Norris is a UK-based media executive with almost 30 years’ experience of working in book publishing, television, digital media, music, fashion and film.

Christopher is the Founder and Director of Jolabokaflod CIC and its sister company, Jolabokaflod Book Campaign Ltd. He also owns and runs CopyGhosting Publishing Services, a freelance vehicle for editorial, writing and digital marketing projects, serves as Head of Crowdfunding at CrowdPatch, the crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, and acts as Editor and Development Executive for the Insight Film Festival: an international exhibition, awards programme and events organisation (HQ in Manchester, UK) that encourages filmmakers to engage with the broad theme of ‘faith’. He hosts and manages the active crowdfunding Meetup group, The Wisdom of Crowdfunding, which meets every Monday morning at the Syrup of Soot café in London (near the British Museum).

Jolabokaflod CIC is an early adopter and champion of the blockchain platform for smart contracts launched by the Smart Startup Company, which is currently engaged in a pre-ICO round.

Christopher helped to pioneer and establish World Book Day in the UK book trade; he served on the steering committee for the inaugural event in 1996-7. He also worked as Consultant Producer and Writer for the mid-1990s ITV book series, You’re Booked!, and served as Research Director of StoryCode, a web 2.0 recommendation engine for fiction readers, which launched at the London Book Fair in March 2005 and featured on the BBC TV show, Dragon’s Den, in September 2006.

Liza van der Smissen

Liza van der Smissen is a multi-talented creative with a commercial focus. When she is not planning, managing and hosting exclusive events at prestigious venues in London (including Hotel Café Royal, Kensington Palace and Guildhall) she is following her parallel career as an established actress. Liza is Project Manager at Jolabokaflod CIC

Liza has worked in feature films filming internationally (Netherlands, Germany, Spain and India). Recently she starred in the short A Final Truth (2017) and plays the lead role in the forthcoming film, 100 Good Deeds (2018), presented a travel series for The Telegraph Media Group, and worked on a commercial for The Royal Opera House. She has also performed in Tristan Bates Theatre and Barons Court Theatre.

For further details about Liza’s professional acting career, visit her website: Liza van der Smissen.

Project leaders, volunteers and advocates

Crowdfunding opportunities

Jolabokaflod CIC is a grassroots, interactive venture that invites people with good ideas to encourage the buying, giving and reading of books to run crowdfunding projects to build a love of books and reading in local communities around the world. The first crowdfunding project run by Jolabokaflod CIC – The Icelanders Cometh – served the dual purpose of raising money for a good cause and showcasing an example of how to run an successful crowdfunding project.

Jolabokaflod CIC also actively supports and fosters volunteers who wish to share their skills, talents, experience and contacts with specific projects, to help them to reach their target figures before their deadline dates.

Project leaders and volunteers can be considered to be members of Jolabokaflod CIC’s extended family, as can everyone who contributes funds in exchange for rewards and everyone who shares news about a Jolabokaflod CIC crowdfunding project via social media.

Friends and followers

Jolabokaflod CIC also welcomes friends and followers on social media into the fold, including people connected to our active online presences via Facebook, TwitterPinterest and (soon to launch) Instagram.

We publish a monthly newsletter that shares news, views, events and opportunities with subscribers (register your details here to receive the newsletter).


Jolabokaflod CIC manages two websites. hosts Book Bulletin catalogues and publishes news and features about active crowdfunding projects incubated by the Jolabokaflod CIC patch at CrowdPatch. This website is also a hub for information about the Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóðið, a source to find out more about the country’s rich literary and cultural history, a showcase for Icelandic authors published in English and a collage of news about book promotion and reading campaigns around the world. is a forthcoming platform that will host future commercial activity (run by sister company Jolabokaflod Book Campaign Ltd), such as publishing, events, sponsorship and commercial partnerships.