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Book your recommendations with Book Bulletin: Winter 2018

This winter’s opportunity to tell the world about your favourite books, yourself and your projects is now open. By contributing to the Book Bulletin 2018 crowdfunding campaign at CrowdPatch, you are paying for space in the catalogue to display your book recommendations and to promote yourselves and your company, organisation and projects.

Each book recommendation can be purchased from book retailers by clicking through title-specific links in the Book Bulletin catalogue.

The Book Bulletin 2018 campaign started officially on 27 October 2018 (‘The First Day of Winter‘ in the Old Nordic calendar), covers the Christmas holiday period, and concludes on International Book Giving Day (14 February 2018, St Valentine’s Day).

We recommending buying, giving, reading and contributing to Jolabokaflod CIC, to capture a new spirit of Christmas.

Note: For those of you who are native speakers, here is this year’s Bókati∂indi (the original Book Bulletin), the catalogue of newly published Icelandic titles for Jólabókaflóðið in 2018.

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Jolabokaflod in a nutshell

Christopher Norris (Founder and Director, Jolabokaflod CIC) introduced the Icelandic ‘Christmas book flood’ cultural phenomenon at the London Book Fair in April 2018.

The video on Jolabokaflod CIC profile page outlines how the tradition will spread beyond Iceland, to the UK and beyond.

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Jolabokaflod CIC at the London Book Fair

If you are planning to attend LBF, you are most welcome to come and visit our Jolabokaflod CIC stand (1G41) to find what all the fuss is about. We have a few deals on offer for the duration of the book fair:

  • One free Book Bulletin recommendation – If you register with the Jolabokaflod patch at CrowdPatch (via this online form – choose ‘Jolabokaflod CIC’ from the drop-down box options), you get one book recommendation in the current online book catalogue along with our promotion of you, your projects and your company. Once you have registered, send me your book choice and what projects, etc. you would like me to publicise.
  • Free seminar – Attend our seminar tomorrow: Jolabokaflod: Iceland’s Christmas gift to the world (Buzz theatre, 3A55: 13:00-14:00).
  • Free liquorice: Icelanders are obsessed with liquorice, so we are offering free Liquorice Allsorts to visitors to the Jolabokaflod CIC stand (1G41)

Also, visit our ‘For the Book Trade’ web page to find out how Jolabokaflod CIC’s Book Bulletin can help you sell more books whilst promoting you and your recommendations (website | crowdfunding campaign)

Have a great London Book Fair; we look forward to seeing you.



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May Jólabókaflóð bring you reading joy

‘So this is Christmas, And what have you done,’ as John Lennon once sang.

Hopefully, by now you’ll have enjoyed the Jolabokaflod season of discussing the books you’d like to receive for Christmas and the special delight that comes from spending money on books you hope will share your mind, love and soul with your loved ones.

Not long to go, now: one more sleep until Icelanders eat their big Christmas meal, open their presents and spend the evening reading their new books.

As John and Yoko continued, ‘Another year over, And a new one just begun.’

Well, almost. But for the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign, the New Year can’t come soon enough. We have plenty of Good News to share when the time is right to make 2018 the year when the world gets to hear about the Christmas Book Flood.

Merry Jólabókaflóð, everyone.






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Book Bulletin catalogue for Advent

Our Book Bulletin is evolving fast, with recommendations from readers and the book trade. We shall be promoting the new catalogue vigorously with a view to launching a social media marketing campaign on 1 December 2017, the first day in the Advent calendar.

The banner ad marketing that we ran in email newsletters circulated to readers of The Bookseller in early November was the most successful such campaign that the trade journal has run in 2017, in terms of page views and click-through rate.

The Book Bulletin is poised to be a great success, through Christmas and beyond to International Book Giving Day in 2019, to encourage people to buy books to give to loved ones as presents. Happy browsing.





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Valentine’s Day: receiving books from your beloved

ibgd-poster If books be the food of love, read on: sharing books with the people in your life

Part 3: receiving a book

As the Book Bulletin online catalogue crowdfunding campaign for reading recommendations and gift suggestions comes to an end on International Book Giving Day (also known in some quarters as ‘Valentine’s Day’), Christopher Norris from the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign asked friends, fans and followers of the initiative how they would feel about exchanging books with significant others on 14 February.

How would receiving a book as a gift on Valentine’s Day make you feel?

Hannah Bellamy, CEO, United Way Reading Oasis: Understood

Catherine Clover, author, forthcoming multimedia Aldus Cervus series: Having been given children’s books by my parents on Valentine’s Day when I was young, I know what a blessing it is to have such an intimate and lasting token of their love. To this day, when I read the Valentine inscriptions written lovingly in my now deceased mother’s hand, it makes me feel so connected to her. I feel that there is nothing greater to bring us together with our loved ones than sharing a bound copy of a book!

Andrew Haywardether, Managing Director, Ether Books: When I am the recipient of a book, I find that often my friends are pushing me out of my comfort zone, and that has to be a good thing!

Jessica Norrie, author, The Infinity Pool: Much better than receiving chocolate-cream-filled profiteroles with pink, sugar hearts or any of the other sickly things on sale at this time of year!

Lesley Pollinger, author and Literary Executor and Trustee for the Estate of Frieda Lawrence Ravagli: Loved (and probably stunned!).

Nick Quantrill, crime writer and Hull Noir 2017 team, international crime writing festival: Books can be such a personal thing, so receiving a book you’ll really enjoy shows a genuine connection with your loved one. I’d be delighted to receive a book and think it would be a fine tradition to initiate.

Yrsa Sigurðardóttiryrsa-helmet, award-winning author: Again, absolutely marvelous and I hope my husband reads this.

Hildur Sif Thorarensen, author, Einfari: Very good. I love books. I love educational books. I love crime novels. I love all sorts of interesting reading material.

Karen Sullivan, Founder and Publisher, Orenda Books: I always have a book wish list on the fridge, and receiving a book as a gift on Valentine’s Day would be the most perfect gift – enabling me to be transported, indulge in my favourite activity: reading.

Victoria Wicks, actress, granddaughter of H E Bates: I’d be pretty thrilled to get anything on Valentine’s Day!

How would you summarise the idea of giving and receiving books on Valentine’s Day?

Anonymous advertising executive: A book is a really thoughtful gift because it shows that you know the person inside

Gill Paulicon-gill-paul, author, historical fiction: Flowers and chocolates are lovely, but impersonal and impermanent. To choose a book for someone else requires thinking about who they are, what they enjoy, the very heart and soul of them. And while flowers wither and chocolates get eaten (fast), that book will last for life

Christopher Norris is the Founder and Curator of the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign (twitter: @Jolabokaflod). There is still time to make a contribution to the Book Bulletin cause and receive promotion for you and your passions, projects and interests. Please give generously by 14 February 2017.