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Inspired by the legacy of over seventy-five years of the Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóðið (‘the Christmas book flood’, in English), Jolabokaflod CIC exists to encourage people to buy books to give to friends, family and members of their local communities as presents to mark and celebrate Christmas, anniversaries, holidays, and other festive and faith-based occasions. Jolabokaflod CIC then prompts the book buyers to inspire the recipients of their gifts to start reading the books straight away.

Jolabokaflod CIC believes that the underlying message of ‘Buy, give and read’ is a powerful blend of book promotion and reading initiatives rolled into one in which everyone can get involved: publishers, authors, agents, bloggers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, activists and avid general readers alike.

We believe that reading books is a life-enhancing activity, made even more special by the memories associated with receiving gifts of books from loved ones. We further believe that well-read communities are closer-knit groups, so the buying and reading of books helps to improve social cohesion and celebrate cultural diversity through the sharing of stories and information.

Jolabokaflod CIC is committed to helping people to run crowdfunding projects for social good, to raise money for ventures that encourage the buying, giving and reading of books within local communities and shared-interest groups.

Essentially, we want to inspire people to discover – and rediscover – a love of reading for pleasure.