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The Draining Lake

4 Draining LakeDetective Erlendur series (book 4)

This book is included in The Icelanders Cometh crowdfunding campaign run by the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign to raise money for UK libraries to spend on titles translated into English by Icelandic authors to mark World Book Night and UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day.


A skeleton is found half-buried in a dried out lake. The bones have been weighed down with an old radio transmitter: is this a clue to the victim, and the killer’s identity?

Detective Erlendur is called in to investigate and discovers that there may be a connection with a group of students who were sent to study in East Germany during the Cold War, and with a young man who walked out of his family home one day, never to return.

As the mystery deepens, Erlendur and his team must unravel a story of international espionage, murder and betrayal.


‘A haunting, compassionate work’ The Observer

‘Indriðason manages to keep the reader guessing about the identity of both killer and victim right to the last.’ Sunday Express

‘An absorbing story which confirms Indriðason’s place among the leading writers of Nordic crime fiction.’ Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph

‘Beautifully written and translated, the novel has both a strong sense of place and themes that transcend it; it confirms Indriðason as one of those crime writers who rises above genre, combining suspense with moving insights into the human condition.’ Sunday Times

‘Indriðason pieces together a convincing plot, while exploring universal issues of political idealism and shattered dreams.’ Henry Sutton, Daily Mirror