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ceramicsCeramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay
Kate Singleton
(UK: Chronicle, 2016; USA: Chronicle, 2016)

Contemporary artists around the world are turning to clay to shape their most innovative ideas into stunning works of art. These objects often have a practical function, but they also stand alone as conceptual artworks. Ceramics showcases approximately 30 contemporary artists whose work represents the radical transformation that this age-old medium has undergone in recent years. Imagine cups shaped like sea urchins, teapots that look like tissue paper, a terracotta typewriter. This volume is a vital guide to some of today s most exciting contemporary artists working in clay.

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Available in the UK via ‘My Local Bookshop‘ search engine or Amazon (Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay)
Available in the USA via Amazon (Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay)