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27 January

Book of the day

thisistheritualThis is the Ritual
Rob Doyle
(UK: Bloomsbury, 2017; USA: Bloomsbury, 2017)

A young man in a dark depression roams the vast, formless landscape of a Dublin industrial park where he meets a vagrant in the grip of a dangerous ideology. A woman fleeing a break-up finds herself taking part in an unusual sleep experiment. A man obsessed with Nietzsche clings desperately to his girlfriend’s red shoes. And whatever happened to Killian Turner, Ireland’s vanished literary outlaw?

Lost and isolated, the characters in these masterful stories play out their fragmented relationships in a series of European cities, always on the move; from rented room to darkened apartment, hitchhiker’s roadside to Barcelona nightclub.

Available in the UK via ‘My Local Bookshop‘ search engine, or via Amazon (This is the Ritual)
Available in the USA via Amazon (This Is the Ritual)

headscarfFacts of the day

27 January

1880 Thomas Edison patents the electric incandescent lamp.

New Year

How much does culture affect the New Year’s resolutions you choose?  An American study in 1977 that compared New Year’s resolutions from middle-class American children of all other backgrounds with Amish children found that the Amish kids tended to focus on activities that would help them achieve their goals. The middle-class children tended to focus on results.

So, an Amish child might resolve to ‘study more’, while an middle-class kid from another background might plan to ‘make straight As’.


Stieg Larsson once said that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was based on what Pippi Longstocking would be like as an adult.

Writers birthdays

1720 Samuel Foote (UK)
1741 Hester Thrale (UK)
1775 Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling (Germany)
1832 Charles Dodgson [Lewis Carroll] (UK)
1836 Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Ukraine)
1851 Rafael Obligado (Argentina)
1858 Neel Doff (The Netherlands)
1882 Giuseppe Prezzolini (Italy)
1891 Ilya Ehrenburg (Ukraine)
1929 Gastón Suárez (Bolivia)
1931 Mordecai Richler (Canada)
1949 Ethan Mordden (USA)
1955 Alexander Stuart (UK)
1957 Frank Miller (USA)
1958 James Grippando (USA)
1969 Patton Oswalt (USA)

Jokes of the day

Q: What kind of exercise do lazy 
people do?
A: Diddly-squats.

Cartoon: Mark Anderson, History buff, Andertoons

Quote of the day

Philip L Moore: ‘If you can read and write then the opportunities are endless, if you just believe in yourself then anything is possible, you can become anyone and do anything, what’s more is, you can take others with you!’