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Creativity theory

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Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life
Jeanne Carbonetti
(USA: Watson-Guptill, @CrownPublishing, 2001)

For artists and painters who wish to create not only projects of beauty, but ones that also reflect inner spirituality, Making Pearls is the ultimate primer for expanding creativity and spirituality in every area of art and life.

Filled with dozens of lush, reflective paintings, Making Pearls takes the reader, step by step, through the seven stages of the creative cycle: Waiting, Opening, Closing, Holding, Releasing, Emptying, and Sitting. Within each chapter are several evocative essays and inspirational exercises that demonstrate how each of these creative stages affects the mind, body, and spirit. Chapters also include meditative exercises, as well as an evolving painting project for the readers that serves as a microcosm of the full creative process.

This reflective, inspirational guide demonstrates the essential process and purpose of creativity: to make pearls of meaning and beauty of our selves and our lives. For the new-age artist on the path to spiritual awareness, Making Pearls is the ultimate resource for living a totally creative life, body and soul.

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Recommended by:
John Robinson, Retired (Management Consultant) and Director, Seeds

John has retired from his company, Human Resource Development Services, which ran management consultancy courses and workshops for developing people in organisations at work, in voluntary groups and in churches. He has a strong belief in people’s capacity to unearth existing strengths, develop compelling visions of the future and to work to express them in meaningful and rich outcomes. He is a keen advocate of Appreciative Inquiry, a management process that seeks ‘the best in people, their organisations and the strengths-filled, opportunity-rich world around them.’ John is a long-serving director of Seeds, a Christian arts and media charity, and is a keen painter of watercolours.