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This section of the catalogue comprises books published in languages other than English that are not currently in print in anglophone territories.

Constabal Murdo
Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul (Angus Peter Campbell)
(UK: Luath Press, @LuathPress, 2018)

A precious golden souvenir has disappered from Kisimul Castle, Barra. The historic brooch was given as a gift by the Chief of Clanranald to MacNeil of Barra in the 16th century. Or perhaps it was treasure found from a shipwrecked galleon from the Spanish Armada…

The local constable, PC Murdo, set outs to find ‘who dunnit’. He has seven suspects, but in his search for the truth of the theft discovers that suspicion and prejudice make poor detectives. Help comes from smart officers from the mainland, whose most difficult challenge is Murdo himself.

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Recommended by:
Alison Lang, Director, Comhairle nan Leabhraichean (The Gaelic Books Council) | Author, Alison Lang website

In January 2019, Alison Lang took on her current role as Director for the Gaelic Books Council: a charitable company established in 1968 located in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to running a bookshop stocking a wide range of Gaelic and Gaelic-related books, cards, CDs and DVDs, the Gaelic Books Council exists to:

  • Support the development of Gaelic writing.
  • Stimulate interest in Gaelic books and other related materials.
  • Support Gaelic authors by awarding grants and commissions.
  • Support the Gaelic publishing industry.
  • Increase the range, quality and impact of Gaelic literature.

Alison is well-known on the Gaelic literary scene. Cainnt na Caileige Caillte, her first collection of short stories, was shortlisted for the Saltire Society’s First Book of the Year Award in 2009; she was awarded Playwrights’ Studio Scotland’s New Playwrights’ Award in 2013; her novel Am Balach Beag a dh’ Èisteadh aig Dorsan won the Adult Book of the Year award at this year’s Royal National Mod.

Alison has worked as an official reporter at the Scottish Parliament, as corporate affairs officer for the Gaelic media service MG ALBA, and as literary assistant (Gaelic) at the National Theatre of Scotland.

Bestiarium Groenlandica
Maria Bach Kreutzmann (editor)
(Denmark: Arnold Busck, @arnoldbusck, 2018; Greenland: Milik Publishing, Facebook, 2018)

The world of Greenlandic mythology is inhabited by a motley crew of dangerous, cheeky and fantastical creatures that have played a vital role in Inuit beliefs and stories throughout the ages. This book is a collection of what is generally known about these diverse creatures, spirits and animals and a description of their appearance and features. You will also find a brief history of Greenland and the shaman tradition, with illustrations by contemporary Greenlandic and Nordic artists.

Denmark: Arnold Busck
Greenland: Milik Publishing

Recommended by:
Milik Publishing at the London Book Fair

Milik Publishing is situated in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It is owned and run by publisher, Lene Therkildsen, who enjoys an excellent working relationship with a number of writers, artists, translators, graphic designers, printers, and so on. Milik was founded in 2003, since when it has grown and prospered so that, today, you can see their books in both stores and classrooms all over Greenland. Many of their books are also available in Denmark.

Milik’s books are for children, young people and adults, and cover a wide range of genres and topics; from books about Greenlandic culture and history, to photo books, comics, song books, therapy books, abc’s and poetry. What matters to us, is that our books move the reader, that they make a difference – and that they display good design and quality. Milik wants to contribute to literature and the love of reading. To read is a way to improve our understanding of ourselves, the people around us and of the world

Maria Bach Kreutzmann is an author, illustrator and project manager with Glaciem House. Bestiarium Groenlandica is a handbook of mythological creatures native to Greenland, with conceptual art by Greenlandic, Danish and Icelandic artists (Carina Løvgreen, Jonatan Brüsch, Agust Kristinsson, Coco Apunnguaq Lynge, Christian Fleischer Rex, Maja-Lisa Kehlet and Martin Brandt Hansen), as well as a forward by renowned historian and curator, Ujammiugaq Engell. Additional research was conducted by Qivioq Nivi Løvstrøm and Robin Hillestrøm.

Foreign rights are available for this title in all territories where the book is not currently published. For further information and resources please contact Milik Publishing via email at: