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Let’s celebrate Jolabokaflod

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Today is the last shopping Saturday before Christmas and tomorrow is the last day for making purchases at online retailers for delivery before the holiday period begins. In preparation for the inaugural Jolabokaflod book campaign in 2016, let’s get alongside our Icelandic friends and celebrate Jolabokaflod this year, too.

Here is what you can do in the coming week:

✶  Buy  Books are high in emotional value. Buy books for your friends and family to build relationships and create positive memories.

✶  Give  Give books to your loved ones to celebrate the festive season, whatever your faith or belief. Download the Jolabokaflof bookplate to show your friend or family member how much you love and value them.

✶  Read  Encourage your loved ones to find time over the holidays to read the books you have given them

Also, commit to asking your friends and family how the are getting on with reading the books you give them. Are they enjoying the book? How does the book make them feel?

Use Jolabokaflod in 2015 as a way of strengthening bonds and showing how much you care about books and about your loved ones having great reading experiences.

This blog will publish items to keep you informed about Jolabokaflod news and about how you can get actively involved in the grassroots, interactive book campaign next year.

Merry Jolabokaflod.

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Author: Christopher Norris

Media, publishing and social entrepreneur

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