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Valentine’s Day: giving books to your beloved

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hug-book-loveIf books be the food of love, read on: sharing books with the people in your life

Part 2: giving a book

As the Book Bulletin online catalogue crowdfunding campaign for reading recommendations and gift suggestions comes to an end on International Book Giving Day (also known in some quarters as ‘Valentine’s Day’), Christopher Norris from the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign asked friends, fans and followers of the initiative how they would feel about exchanging books with significant others on 14 February.

How would receiving a book as a gift on Valentine’s Day make you feel?

Hannah Bellamy, CEO, United Way Reading Oasis: No book is the same. I give to offer advice, adventure, comfort or amusement. When someone is suffering and I don’t know how to help, I send a book.

Catherine Clovercc-white-hart, author, forthcoming multimedia Aldus Cervus series: For a child in my life I can think of nothing better than to give them a book from a favorite series they are reading, or a book of poetry.

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director, Ether Books: I love fitting books to people, finding a subject they like and hopefully getting a new fan for the author. If I find people who have an interest in Germany, both during the war and post war I always give them a copy of a Philip Kerr, Bernie Gunther book. So far, everyone has enjoyed him and bought the rest of the series

Jessica Norrie, author, The Infinity Pool: I would enjoy browsing for something that expressed love elegantly and spiritually and with humour. Or that specifically reflected the relationship I was celebrating.

Lesley Pollinger, author and Literary Executor and Trustee for the Estate of Frieda Lawrence Ravagli: Loving, and with thought for the recipient.

Nick Quantrillhull-noir-2017, crime writer and Hull Noir 2017 team, international crime writing festival: As a book lover, I know such a gift would be well-received, so it’d be a genuine pleasure to buy the perfect book.

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, award-winning author: Absolutely marvelous. A book is a gift that requires thought and insight and is reserved for those close to your heart, be it lover, relative or friend. People don’t give books to someone they don’t like.

Hildur Sif Thorarensen, author, Einfari: It would make me happy if I found a good book that is up my boyfriend’s alley.

Karen Sullivan, Founder and Publisher, Orenda Books: I always give books as gifts, and they are powerful conveyors of emotion and affection. On Valentine’s Day, this becomes increasingly poignant.

Victoria Wicks, actress, granddaughter of H E Bates: If I was given a book by a prospective beau, and I found I liked the book, that would give me goosebumps I think. It’s really quite sexy because it indicates a desire to be very close to someone. If you’re reading a book someone’s given you then that person is everywhere you are when you are reading it: on the tube or the bus, by the fire, in bed. It indicates intimacy in a way that lingerie can’t.

Christopher Norris is the Founder and Curator of the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign (twitter: @Jolabokaflod). There is still time to make a contribution to the Book Bulletin cause and receive promotion for you and your passions, projects and interests. Please give generously by 14 February 2017.

Author: Christopher Norris

Media, publishing and social entrepreneur

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