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8 January

Book of the day

whatmumswantWhat Mums Want (and What Dads Need to Know)
Harry and Kate Benson
(UK: Lion Hudson, 2017; USA: Lion Hudson, 2017)

Harry and Kate Benson began their own married life with great expectations. But within a few years, they stood on the brink of divorce. Today, their marriage is stronger than ever and they have helped many other struggling couples. So what changed?

In this ground-breaking book Harry and Kate tell their own inspiring, hope-filled story, set within the wider context of family research into what works. Harry and Kate’s radical solution to strengthening families and reducing unnecessary family breakdown is simple. Their research suggests a happy mum tends to mean a happy household. She is the lynch-pin around whom the family rotates. So for most mums, the success of a marriage depends primarily on her husband’s ability to make her feel valued.

In other words: husband, love your wife. And she will love you right back. In that order. That’s what mums want. That’s the recipe for happy family life.

Available in the UK via ‘My Local Bookshop‘ search engine, or via Amazon (What Mums Want (And Dads Need To Know))
Available in the USA via Amazon (What Mums Want (And Dads Need To Know))

glitter-greenFacts of the day

8 January

794 AD The Vikings attacked Lindisfarne Island

New Year

Here are some recent inspirational stories from The Penny Hoarder blog to motivate you to keep your New Year resolutions.



Despite writing the famous book On the Road, Jack Kerouac never learned to drive. He moved to New York City as a teenager on a scholarship to boarding school and then entered Columbia University, so no car was necessary to get around during the years when most people learn to drive. Through every subsequent adventure, across the country and back, down to Mexico, up from New Orleans, Jack Kerouac was never the one behind the wheel, relying on buses and his friend Neal Cassady to do the ‘on the road’ navigating.

Writers birthdays

1589 Ivan Gundulić (Croatia)
1601 Baltasar Gracián (Spain)
1814 Johannes Kneppelhout (The Netherlands)
1823 Alfred Russel Wallace (UK)
1824 Wilkie Collins (UK)
1824 Francisco González Bocanegra (Mexico)
1852 James Milton Carroll (USA)
1891 Storm Jameson (UK)
1896 Manuel Rojas (Chile)
1897 Dennis Wheatley (UK)
1901 Edmond Vandercammen (Belgium)
1904 Peter Arno (USA)
1905 Carl Gustav Hempel (Germany)
1905 Giacinto Scelsi (Italy)
1917 Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor (USA)
1923 Iva Michiels (Belgium)
1923 Joseph Weizenbaum (Germany)
1925 James Saunders (UK)
1927 Charles Tomlinson (UK)
1928 Gaston Miron (Canada)
1934 Alexandra Ripley (USA)
1942 Stephen Hawking (UK)
1944 Terry Brooks (USA)
1947 Don Bendell (USA)

Jokes of the day

On 30 December 2016, the Telegraph published ‘30 great New Year jokes and quotes‘. These are better than the average cracker.

Cartoon: Various, Cartoons on reading and writing, Larry Cuban blog

Quote of the day

Stephen King: ‘Quiet people have the loudest minds’