Christmas Book Flood | Recommending reading


Please visit our Book Bulletin 2019 crowdfunding project at CrowdPatch to buy recommendations for our Winter 2019 catalogue and to volunteer your skills, experience and contacts. All funds raised will support not-for-profit Jolabokaflod CIC’s forthcoming programme of events.

Table of contents

The segmentation of web pages follows the design style of the Icelandic Bókatíðindi (Book Bulletin), launched every year at the Reykjavik Book Fair and sent to every household in the country. The Icelandic catalogue comprises every new book published in the country that year. People use the Bókatíðindi to choose the books they want to buy to give to loved ones for Christmas.

This catalogue covers the period 1 July 2019 (week of International Day of Cooperatives) to 30 June 2020 (World Social Media Day) and collects recommendations made during the crowdfunding campaigns for Jolabokaflod and Sumarbokaflod in 2019 and 2020:

  • Fiction
    Adventure stories and action | Anthologies and short stories | Classics | Contemporary fiction |
    Crime, thrillers and mystery | Fantasy, science fiction, myth and legend | Film and television tie-ins |
    Graphic novels and comics | Historical and biographical fiction | Horror | Humour | Literary fiction |
    Romance | Sagas and family novels
  • Art and photography
    Architecture | Ceramics | Contemporary art | Creativity | Design | Drawing | Fashion | Painting | Photography | Sculpture | Video
  • History
    Genealogy | Local history | National history | World history
  • Food and drink
    Cookery | Food knowledge | Non-alcoholic beverages | Wine, beer and spirits
  • Scholarly and non-fiction
    Business, finance and law | Computing, gaming and the internet | Education, teaching studies and self-help | Faith | Home and garden | Languages | Media and literary criticism | Mind, body and spirit | Music | Reference | Science, nature, technical and medical | Society, politics and philosophy | Travel and holidays