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Ages 3-5

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Tripi Takes Flight
(The Amazing Adventures of Tripi the Fly: book 1)
Lori London
(USA: Lori London Entertainment, @lorilondon13, 2016)

Tripi is a fly who can’t fly, but who longs for adventure! Tripi is different, and special you see; he can talk, read and write – he can even dance and sing! He tries and tries with all his might, but it remains that he cannot take flight!

Written in a rhyming style similar to Dr Seuss and including important lessons about remaining positive in the face of challenges, embracing your differences, and never giving up on your dreams, Tripi Takes Flight is a story the family will want to read again and again.

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Recommended by:
Lori London Entertainment: at BookExpo America

Lori London is an author, voice-over artist, vocalist, songwriter and actor. As a published songwriter, her ‘Tripi’ stories have a definite tempo, a way of making you laugh and a travel itinerary across the globe! Lori writes the stories, narrates, performs and creates all the character voices for the audiobooks. Children need inspiration, encouragement and a place where they can smile with imagination and wonder! Come along for the journey as we travel to places and far-off lands, destinations that Tripi is destined to land!

Cecil and Psalm 8
(Lost Sheep)
Andrew McDonough
(UK: Sarah Grace Publishing, @malcolmdown, 2018)

When Jesus wanted to change lives he told stories. That’s what the ‘Lost Sheep’ series is all about. At the centre of the stories is Jesus. Some stories are about him, some are by him, but all of them point to him. The series takes the spirituality of children seriously but also believe the gospel is fun.

What on earth are you doing? Not sure? Well, leap on a giraffe and join Jesus, Cecil and the kids in this star-gazing, God-praising, a-mazing journey through Psalm 8.

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Recommended by:
Malcolm Down, Director, Malcolm Down Publishing

Malcolm Down Publishing was formed in 2015 by Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace. They are an independent publishing company and home of the children’s imprint Sarah Grace Publishing. Malcolm Down publishes a variety of genres mainly, but not exclusively, from authors with a Christian background. The company also provides a range of author services to enable unpublished writers to bring their books to the same markets served through Malcolm Down Publishing’s traditional business.

The Race
(Birdie Tom: book 1)
Juta Steel
(UK: Bandcamp, @Bandcamp, 2017)

Juta Steel is 29-year-old athlete and writer, training and competing in martial arts disciplines like boxing, karate, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. She has won the English ABA National Boxing title twice, the British Open Gold medal in BJJ among podium finishes at many other tournaments

The Race is a short story about Birdie Tom, who desperately wants to win a race, but so far he always finished second. This story will teach kids what it takes to be a winner – it is a story about putting hard work, believing in yourself and staying focused and motivated.

World: Bandcamp (audiobook: streaming and download)

Recommended by:
Sam Hardy, Actor | Personal website: Sam Hardy; IMDb: Sam Hardy
Sam says: ‘I love it because it’s a motivational book for children that inspires them and teaches good values’

Sam is an actor based in London. He seeks roles are with these personas: action-hero, dark & aggressive, psychopath, criminal, military, fighter, warrior, thug, drug dealer, businessman, charmer, player and comedy. Sam has also enjoyed success in the music industry as a solo Spanish guitarist, appearing regularly on Gaby Roslin’s BBC Radio London show and on the local television channel, London Live. Sam used to compete in mixed martial arts (MMA) and has a Phase 2 qualification in onscreen combat from the British Action Academy.