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Don’t Go There
Adam Fletcher
(UK: Independently published, @adamfletcher, 2018; USA: Independently published, @adamfletcher, 2018)

How much would you risk to change your life? … After Spiegel bestselling-author Adam Fletcher is tear-gassed in street protests in Istanbul, he goes on a journey to some of the strangest places in the world with his eccentric German girlfriend, Annett … He freezes in a blizzard in China … Ruins a mass dance in North Korea … Experiences corruption in Soviet-breakaway Transnistria …  Ponders the apocalypse in Chernobyl … Gets stopped by the police on the way to libertarian utopia Liberland …  And meets the devil incarnate on a night bus in Moldova.

But his quest to better understand himself (and everyone else) will threaten his world view, sanity, and relationship. Is the price worth paying? Don’t Go There is a hilarious travel memoir full of interesting characters, uncomfortable moments, unusual destinations, and British humour.

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Recommended by:
Bill Bryson, Author | Author website: Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson was born (famously) in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. His bestselling books include The Road to Little Dribbling (2015: Amazon UK | USA), Notes from a Small Island (1996: Amazon UK | USA), A Walk in the Woods (1998: Amazon UK | USA), One Summer: America 1927 (2013: Amazon UK | USA) and The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006: Amazon UK | USA). In a national poll, Notes from a Small Island was voted the book that best represents Britain. His acclaimed work of popular science, A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003: Amazon UK | USA), won the Aventis Prize and the Descartes Prize, and was the biggest selling non-fiction book of its decade in the UK. His forthcoming book The Body: A Guide for Occupants (2019: Amazon UK | USA) is an extraordinary exploration of the human body which will have you marvelling at the form you occupy. Bill Bryson was Chancellor of Durham University (2005–11). He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society. He lives in England.